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I have been involved in the electronics industry and worked as a teacher for over 30 years. Now due to health issues I am semi retired. This project (Phoenix Kits Online) is being used to put back something into society, the profits from sales from this site will be used to fund the donation of free electronic kits to radio clubs all over the UK that run training courses for young people to help them gain knowledge in radio and electronic engineering.

If you run a such a club please drop me a email to be put on my list of supported clubs.

PhoenixKits is  not run as a profit making Business. If you run a club and want a certain kit putting together get in touch , I may be able to help.

last year we supported a number of UK clubs by supplying Free Kits for their students and hope to do the same at the end of 2020.

A Little history

Phoenix Kits Online was first started to offer members of the FISTS CW Club low cost projects that performed well and represent very good value for money.

That is still the case  but now the kits are being made available to a wider audience.

We offer high levels of support and understand that for many people these kits may be the first kit they try to build. All the kits are designed by me and come with PCB's made just for me and not available elsewhere.

We try to provde a service to the Kit building community and will go that extra mile to help out.
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We are interested in helping people build their own equipment and know many would like to role their own equipment without buying a 'kit'.

So all of our projects have a downloadable set of instructions with circuits and parts list. Please feel free to use these to build your own version of the kit (For non commercial use only please) some even have special instructions with vero board layouts to help. The Kits are just a easy way to get all the parts from one place if you want to do that (and you get a nice PCB too) think of us a more of as a friendly parts finding service.

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Open for Business Again!

Shipping may be delayed by a day or two and only to UK and EU for now.

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