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When starting to learn how to send Morse code it is always advisable to start with the straight key. The problem is that Morse keys are expensive and this can discourage people from learning the code. Many People try to make their own key and we have all seen simple designs made from hacksaw blades and drawing pins. Often these designs work but are difficult to reproduce and lack any form of adjustment.
This Flat Pack Key (FPK) is designed to be low cost and ideal for anyone needing a simple key suitable for classroom or back packer use. My own straight key, a  Pettersson Swedish pump key cost over 30 to 40 times the price of the FPK and I would not be comfortable to take it out on a field day trip for fear of damage or losing it.
The FPK is easy to build but will require you to solder one PCB connector and capacitor.
The key is supplied unbuilt in flat pack style.
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FPK  The Flat Pack Key
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