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Projects here are not supported by me, they are here just for you to have some nice little isolation projects. the instructions and any photos are submitted by other Hams and most have some contact details if you need any help with them.

Mark, G0MGX sent me a couple of links to projects he as been working on. The first is a DDS CW Transmitter using a Arduino Nano for control. Click the picture on the left to go to the YouTube Video.

This Marks, G0MGX second isolation project that he sent me. This one is a version of the well know K3NG open source Keyer, It looks like Mark as used just about all the features that this keyer can offer.  I have built myself a similar keyer but with less features. I was going to offer a version of this as a kit but I decided against it in the end (to many Kits!).  if anyone is interested in a cut down version with no display but works as winkey keyer drop me a line and I will forward more info. Marks keyer works great and he does a good job of explaining it and how to make one yourself.. Click the picture on the left to go to the YouTube Video with full details and links to the software.

John G8SEQ Stealth Antenna, its a load of pants!
           Please find attached one of my Isolation Projects - a Stealth Antenna AKA Washing Line. It just happens to be almost exactly a quarter wave long at 7 Mhz & so is the iron work. I've made the "earth" connection ie co-ax outer to the middle of the iron work. This is a re-jig of an earlier version, which puts the end of the wire closer to the iron work. It previously had about 2 m of rope and was tied to an apple tree which has since been cut down. The aluminium line prop can be used to vary the height of the antenna slightly and might be acting as a parasitic element, who knows? It is about 2m tall.

          I'm hoping to give it a good try out on World Amateur Radio Day (tomorrow) , Wx & XYL permitting (she still thinks it is a washing line!) It was previously used as an Rx antenna for a crystal set and gave good results picking up local radio stations in the medium wave. I also had a few inter-G contacts on 40m with it. It should work well as an NVIS antenna.

Nigel  G0EBQ 12m Paesano SSB transceiver
This is a 12m version of Pete Julianos Paesano ssb transceiver from a couple of Sprats ago.I am not confident with Arduinos so have used a discrete vfo and a 21.4mhz ssb filter off Ebay. However it would work just as well with the GQRP club 9mhz filter and a DDS source.  In that case use a matching transformer for the filter of 7t tapped at 4t to match the 500ohm of the club filter, see the information under Paesano on Petes website which has all the constructional information you will need.

I used 22t on a T37/6 for the BPF, it peaks nicely though very sharp,and the values for the W3NQN low pass filter for 12m shown on the GQRP Club website. I used the Peregrino board for the majority of the circuitry and built the rest “ugly style”. I am getting just over 2W out which is as much as I would expect from the IRF510 at 12m.
Please email me at if you are interested in the project.Ive got a few Peregrino boards which Ime selling on behalf of GQRP for £4.

72/3s and stay well    Nigel   G0EBQ