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The FMT Morse tutor was developed for the FISTS CW Club that I help run here in the UK. It was first designed to act in the same way as the good old Datong D70 Tutor that many of us used back in the 80's. Very soon during the beta test stage it was decided to make it more versatile and it was given a screen and more modes. It first  was a kit  designed to be built on Veroboard but soon switched to a PCB, its now in its 3rd generation and offers some great features  but is still simple to use and low cost.

The kit comes with its new PCB, all controls and components and now in its MK3 design comes with a Mountingbezel for the LCD display  together with mounting hardware and a loudspeaker but you will need to source your own case.

The Pictures here show my tutor built into a Hammond  case 1591XXTSBK, I bought mine from Switch Electronics here in the UK.
Tutor Features

Random Letters
Random Number
Random Mixed Letters & Numbers
Random Prosign's
Random Callsigns (see below about Advanced Mode)
Random Common words and CW abbreviations
Contest Mode (user can activate Advanced Contest Mode if they wish) (NEW)
CW Practice Oscillator

Controls are Speed/Gap/Volume (all analogue Controls)
Side tone pitch can be changed by user too

When learning the code we recommend spending  about 10 minutes each session. The tutor as a automatic 10 minute timer built in that will brightly light a Blue LED to indicate when 10 minutes as elapsed.


We have now added a ACM mode (Advanced Contest Mode). This new mode when activated will generate random international callsign followed by a 3 digit serial number and finally a random contest QSO ending but with each over at a different pitch and  at a different speed. This makes for a more realistic 'On Air' type effect makinging the mode more interesting for improvers

Also a high speed option as been added that the user can select if they feel the need for high speed CW practice.
FMT Morse Tutor New MK3 Design
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