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The OSK-1 Keyer is a feature rich low cost memory Keyer, offering features that you would expect from keyer’s much more expensive. The CW training mode is excellent and worth building the keyer just for this feature.

The Keyer is built around a small but powerful microcontroller. The code for the chip is open source from Jan DK3LJ who developed the original program, later modified by Jack AL4SV and then further modified by Don WD9DMP who made some changes that polished Jan's code even more .

The finial product rivals professional keyer’s costing many times the price.

This open source code is now installed onto a Attiny85 chip, It fits on a small PCB and can be built in less than an hour. This kit comes with two PCB's. One is very small if size is a problem for you and the other is a little larger but has PCB mounted terminal blocks and a on board sounder making for a easier build.
Tutor Features
Here is a list of its features.

Iambic A, B, Ultimatic modes
DAH Priority Mode
Paddle Swapping
Sidetone Toggle
Adjustable Sidetone Pitch
ATU Tune Feature (20 Sec Key Down)
with one touch cancel
TX Keying Toggle (Sidetone only for practice)
TX Level Inverter mode
WPM Speed feedback
4 x 100 char Memory’s
Automatic Beacon (for FOX hunts extra)
Callsign CW Trainer
(Sends random callsign, users send back)

This kit and PCB  as been designed here in the UK by a Radio Ham (M0BMN)  for Radio Ham's.

The board is approx. 39 x 26mm ( The larger board is 45 x 38mm)

The board includes a small dc regulator so you have an option in how to power the keyer.

You can power the module from just 2 AA or AAA batteries (like I have) the chip is happy to work down to 2.7 volts may be 2.6v at a push so two fresh AAA/AA cells will power this for many months. The current consumption measured in use is just under 1mA and after 60 sec’s of no activity the module goes into sleep mode and only draws a couple of microamps. I do not feel its worth while fitting a on/off switch due to such low standby current but that’s up to you. If you do power this keyer from such a batter pack then use the 5V power connection, this can  accept voltages up to 5.5V max. more will destroy the keyer. The 12V input point will accept voltages from around 7 to 15v (a 9V battery will work well on this point) so you can power the modules from the main stations 13.8v DC supply if you wish.
The Kit comes with Instructions and parts including a small Piezo sounder and command push button. you will need to supply a box (if you only order the module kit) and sockets to suit your key/radio/power.

Great little easy to build project
OSK-1 Memory Keyer
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Full Kit Instructions can be downloaded here


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