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This is a very useful piece of equipment for anyone that builds their own QRP Transmitters. it provides a good dummy load up to 15 watts. In addition it has a RF indicator that will illuminate a LED from power levels as low as 50mW. A Neat feature of this Load+ is that it gives a DC output that can be measured with a standard voltmeter, a lookup chart is provided in the instructions that will show the output power vs voltage, a easy way to tune for maximum smoke!
This is a popular 'Build it yourself project and full instruction on how to do that are below. if you wish you can buy all the parts as a module kit that uses a New PCB layout.

If you do build it yours self get at least 5% tolerance resistors at 2 watts each, and NOT Wire wound . Dont be tempted to use a standard 1N4148 in place of the RF detector diode I have used in the Kit , its accuracy will suffer

The QRPLoad+ module is only 65 x 40 mm and can fit inside a Mint Tin, here is a picture of one ready to go, the labels fitted to the tin are in the instructions for the DIY version below.

The load will withstand higher power levels for a brief time but be warned the resistors will get very hot at non qrp power levels.
QRPLoad+ RF Load /Power meter
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