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CW Filter
This filter is designed to help out any radio that lacks selectivity when used in CW mode. It operates on the audio output of the radio and should be fitted inline between the radios output and the speaker. The kit will produce a standalone unit that can quickly be transferred between radios if required. The unit as a built in audio amplifier that can be set to boost the audio output from radios that normally would only drive headphones.
Simply connect between your radio and an external speaker, apply 12v and enjoy the better filtering.
The kit is complete with its enclosure and custom printed predrilled drilled panels to help you build a professional looking filter that you can be proud of.
if the video fails to load you can watch it here

(https://youtu.be/kMQLv45tE48 )
Simple SCAF Low Pass filter
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At the moment I am only offering a limited number of kits at a special introductory price contact me direct if you want one  m0bmn@yahoo.co.uk