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Universal Code Practice Oscillator with  built in Morse Tutor !!!
Not another Code Practice Oscillator I hear you cry!, Yes but this is a bit different from the rest.
I have been asked many times if my practice oscillator will work with Iambic paddles, well until now the answer as been 'No'.... This is where this new oscillator comes in.  This is built around a small but powerful microcontroller that will automatically sense what type of key is plugged in, if its a traditional straight key the oscillator will act as all other practice oscillators and emit tone when the key is pressed. If a paddle key is inserted then the microcontroller will automatically switch itself to Iambic mode and now will generate dits and dahs depending on which paddle is pushed, the oscillator as a speed control that will adjust the speed of the keyer.
Thats not the end of it. It also now as a 4 mode Morse tutor built in too, rather like the old Datong D70 from the 80's. but with extras!  Read the instructions on the left and watch the video below for full information.
To complete the oscillator you will need to source your own case and a 9v battery ! (PP3)

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Universal Code Practice Oscillator  uCPO
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This is a build it yourself project ( a full kit will follow but feel free to build it yourself. The circuit and the code for the ATTINY85 chip is available here for free.

uCPO Circuit and Details


New Version !!!!!

uCPO Arduino Code




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Click here to see pictures of how to fit the uCPO in this RS Pro case stock number 192-0793