Bantenna Range of Antennas

The Unique 'Bantenna Sleeve'

ALL HF band, ALL modes, CW, SSB, DATA, 100 watts No counterpoise or radials required.

The photograph left shows one of our Sleeve antennas in situ on a guyed mast (we can supply lightweight guy kits).   The antenna consists of a full length antenna cleverly woven into a nylon sleeve which slides easily over the fibreglass mast and once up can be used in all weathers.  The sleeve itself is just about 6m long so works well on a 7m mast - we STRONGLY recommend that the top section of mast which is usually very sharp is taped over.  Poking holes into the aerial is not recommended.  We also recommend that the mast sections are taped when you erect them to prevent unwanted collapses.  The unun is strapped to the mast just below the sleeve itself.  Fit the wire to the bind post, connect your coax to the socket (SO239 unless you specify BNC) and off you go.  The sleeve will give less than about  3:1 SWR on ALL bands (individual aerials differ slightly as will your environment but we find 80m - 6m easy, top band can be temperamental).  We test all aerial and UNUN pairs before dispatch.  You will find some bands exhibit low SWR whilst some show slightly higher but this is normal.  The way the aerials are manufactured means that some variability is inevitable - we feel the trade off for portablility is worth it and so many modern rigs have ATUs in them.  This is a modern aerial for a modern environment.   If you really really want to guarantee topband an ATU might be needed.  You almost certainly wont need to use an ATU for many or most bands but any modern auto-ATU will easily tune the  Sleeve for use anywhere you like!   The sleeve folds down and can be stuffed into a rucksack of the boot of your car, panniers of your bike etc and will come to no harm.  Comes supplied in a soft nylon bag.

Aviable in a range of colours to suit your needs, see the options below.    For  FUll Details VISIT the Bantenna Site where you can purchase the antenna too.  

Sleeve antenna details (    (Phoenixkits as NO commercial connection to Bantenna just a happy user of their products)