Kits for the Radio Enthusiast Low Cost High performance kits Designed in the UK

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Some of our Featured kits

The Full range of Kits and modules can be seen in our Shop, Just click on Shop Link above.  Full instructions can be downloaded from our 'Instruction' page on the top menu bar. .

NEW! MTM-ATU Mini Transmatch ATU Full Kit

This is a QRP (upto 10 Watts) Transmatch kit, the smallest Desktop Transmatch I have seen. ALL Parts including the case are with this kit. This version uses SO239 sockets on the rear panel. Incs a LED resistive SWR indicator for easy tuning.


NEW Mk4 uCPO Code Practice Oscillator and Tutor

Reviewed in June 2021 PracticaL Wireless. This is our best seller, unique to Phoenix Kits,  A Practice Oscillator for Straight Keys AND Paddle Keys, also includes a multi mode Morse Tutor. New Mk4 version with fixed low level output for use with Zoom etc

T20 Old School Tutor

NEW! T20 ver 2 'Old School' Tutor

A new version of our very popular low cost Destop Morse tutor. More powerful and versitly than before, Now shares most features of it big brother the FMT Tutor but  without the screen. Great Value! 


The FMT Mk4

Reviewed in June 2021 Practical Wireless.

New  firmware upgrade with more Features as of 1/6/2021
The FMT (FISTS Morse Tutor) is now in its new MK4 version, more features than before (New fixed sinewave low level output for Zoom etc) and Practice oscillator supports paddle keys too. Now the kit includes a high quality Hammond enclosure 


Pocket Tutor PT20

This is our very popluar small compact full self-contained Pocket Morse Tutor with a number of different tutor modes, Adjustable Mode, WPM, Gap, and Volume, Fitted headphone socket. Easy to build and use.

QRP EndFed Halfwave ATU

A Simple to build muiltband Endfed Halfwave ATU, 
Great for those QRP backpacking holidays. Built in Resistve LED SWR indicator for rapid tuning. 

Our Range of Kits

Please Note : Instructions for all our kits are downloadable now. We only supply paper instructions upon request with your order. We get through a small forest worth of paper each month which is environmentally bad news. Only request paper copies if your really feel you need it. Come on! lets save the planet (20p of each order donated to NHS charites if paperless instructions are used ) Use the links above to access the Instructions Page and download them yourself, any problems just contact me.       Thanks  Paul