All our Kits Can be provided with Full instructions and I offer as much help via email as you need to get your kit working. BUT I get through a moutain of paper each year. Not good for the environment! Most of it ends up in the bin. If you can, please download the instructions for your kit from this page and read them on line, Only print them if you must. If you MUST have paper instructions I can provide them. Please drop me an email at the time you place a order and I will send a paper copy with the kit. please only ask if you really want  paper instructions, Lets save the planet. I will donate 20p per order to NHS charities for each order that doesnt have paper instructions.

Customer satisfaction is very important to me.  Its alway a good idea to read the instructions for a kit before you purchase, make sure its what your looking for.

On this page you can find copies of all the kits instructions.
Feel free to download and read any you are interested in.