Good Links and Free Stuff

Here You will find a number of links to useful stuff i find on the web. I also will put links to good downloads like software to decode Morse (can be used with a number of our Kits)

Clubs and Societies

FISTS CW Club   

Other Ham Sites

Bantenna Aerial Suppliers

Software Free and Paid for

CWget , Good Free CW Decoder

FLDigi MuiltMode Data Coms (also a good CW Decoder)

A great Morse tutor package you can download. (Its Free too!)

G4FON Morse Tutor for the PC

This is the best PC Morse tutor I have seen. I recommend this one. This is a great way to learn, Use this at home when you can and then when you know the sound of the letters  use one of my Tutors, You get the best of both worlds then.